“When silence precedes sound, nervous anticipation makes it more vibrant. When it interrupts or follows sound, it reverberates on the tissue of that which sounded and this state continues as long as the memory holds it. Ergo, however dimly, silence sounds.” – R. Murray Schafer
In this silence the user will experience all your thoughtful design work that makes up your product. However, in the moments that precede or follow this silence, how your product sounds will reverberate throughout the memory of the user.
It’s ok if you haven’t thought about the sound of your product, that’s for us to worry about. We’re thrilled that you’re here. Let’s have a conversation and we can learn more about your product and how we can work together to create a more beautiful sounding experience.
Audio UX Design is separated from most forms of sound creation in that we tend not to work in a linear manner, our canvas is dynamic, always changing based on the user’s actions. We build audio jigsaw puzzles that always fit together regardless of the combination of pieces. We aim to enhance the experience by guiding the user through the interface utilizing aural signals. Sometimes subtle, sometimes not, but always sounding right and always serving a direct purpose.
At WhatSounds we take a holistic approach to audio. We focus on UX design. Our design principles are based on research and our ethos is based on the human experience. Who is this product for? In what environment will people use this product? We use the product extensively to viscerally understand it. We work directly with the developers/designers/manufacturers to ensure a cohesive audio experience. We deliver the highest quality results.
We are a team of experienced listeners with various backgrounds in UX Design, Sound Design, Industrial Design, and Brand. We hear the subtleties of our world and help translate those into an audio experience that will enhance your product through sound. Increased accessibility, higher brand recognition, and overall more joy in the use of your product.


Lets start the conversation!


Charles Balderston
UX Sound Designer

Charles specializes in UI/UX Sound Design for products, both hardware, and software. Working closely with design leads, Charles creates audio feedback for software and hardware that maximize the information conveyed through sound while creating a cohesive audio experience through melody, pitch, and timbre. Charles is just as comfortable working with early-stage startups as he is working with huge multinational tech companies. He loves to collaborate and is very agile in feedback and turnaround.

Experience in:

  • Prototyping audio feedback for embedded electronics
  • Creating user journeys with regards to sound (Sound Stories)
  • Mixing/Mastering of audio for very specific playback requirements
  • Audio playback system design and implementation
  • Audio Analysis of playback systems
  • Background in music composition and production
Lucas Lacerda
Product Sound Designer

Lucas combines his music sensibilities and industrial design background to create transformative soundscapes. With extensive experience in UX interaction design, creating solutions for digital applications and hardware devices, Lucas is able to think holistically about any problem using various user-centered design methods. The user, the task, and the context are the pillars of his practice as a sound designer. His mission is to help organizations improve the usability of products and services with the power of sound.

Experience in:

  • Sonic interaction design
  • Information architecture
  • Spatial sound design and implementation
  • Sound recording and mixing
  • Design methods applied to sound (e.g. Sound stories)
  • Music theory, performance, and production
  • Sound research and ethnography
Danny Karl Munshi
Experiential Audio Designer

Danny utilizes his music programming and audio branding background to build brand affinity through a user-first approach. Experienced in designing sounds for spaces in the entertainment, retail, and hospitality industries on a  global scale, he focuses on creating memorable experiences by exploring the relationship between sound and environment. Through conducting end-to-end research, Danny understands how to utilize sound, music, and interaction to alter user behavior and strengthen a client’s mission and brand. 

Experience in:  

  • Audio Branding
  • Music Programming
  • User Experience Research
  • Sound Design & Audio Production
  • Live Music and Performance
  • Audio Installation Design