June Intelligent Oven


The Scope: WhatSounds Design was asked to help create a soundest for an oven, the likes of which had not yet been experienced. The June Intelligent oven was unlike any other Kitchen appliance and the interface required a thoughtful audio experience. From an inviting boot-up sound to functional interaction audio that helped guide the user, WhatSounds Design created an audio experience that gave the June Oven its own voice and its Sonic Identity.
The Execution: WhatSounds Design worked closely with key stake holder to identify the sonic DNA of the brand. Through extensive listening sessions and user feedback, we crafted a unique and friendly audio palette that felt right at home on this beautiful machine.
The Implementation: Through a number of iterations and rigged quality tests, the audio experience was implemented and the results were even better than expected. Beyond creating a delightful soundest, we had created an experience that helped with accessibility as well as providing the user with options to tailor the experience to their unique soundscape.
The June UX Sound design was designed to be friendly and approachable. We created the tones using a combination of acoustic and electronic sounds to create a hybrid sound-set. In the process of creating the June Oven Sound Set, we provided June with a quick study on the soundscape of the kitchen. The outcome of this study provided details that led us to create three soundest options for the user, This would allow the user to tailor the audio experience their unique soundscape.