Chef IQ Multi-Cooker


How do you create a sonic identity that resonates with your brand and your audience while still serving the user in enhancing the UX Design of a product?

First, we defined the sound of ChefIQ. This was done through interviews with key stake holders, including the CEO. We also undertook competetive analysis. As well as demographic studies. We defined who our audience was and then set about creating a sound that was friendly, approachable, as well as unique.
The second stage was to create a vocabulary that could scale with the product line. In the case of ChefIQ this meant leveraging sound in various playback systems including piezo buzzer and PCM playback systems. The vocabulary had to be understood regardless of how the user received the sounds.
Once we had our sound and our vocabulary, the strategy had to be implemented. This included utilizing the sonic identity at every audio touch-point that a customer would have with the brand. From social media and product videos to turning on their new appliance.
We help the user feel confident in the brand they’ve chosen for their kitchen.